Turn Your Cell Phone into a Cash Machine

 Turn Your Cell Phone # into a Money Maker with up to 252 websites linked to your Phone Number!

There are several important trends that we've noticed lately...

It seems that everyone has a cell phone today, and most everyone would like to make some extra money.  And more importantly, the size of both these groups are growing everyday.  How would you like to benefit from both of these trends and generate an income from them?  We can help.

How?  By using your cell phone number as a website domain name (aka: web address) that points to a website that can generate an income for you.  It could be a website for a business you own or an affiliate website that pays you for generating traffic to them, a web store selling whatever you want, a blog with advertising that pays you for visitor click-thrus, your social media page or even a resume website to help you find a new job.   

The point is that your Cell Phone #.com can be anything you want it to be.  And for every website name (Domain) you register, you get a Free 5-page website that you can use for anything you want. 

As an added bonus when you set up your cellphone number as a website domain name, you also get up to 90 Sub-Domains for FREE.  What's a Sub-Domain?  Well the Domain is the "Whatever.com" and the Sub-Domain is a "Whatever.Whatever.com".  

A Web Address is very much like a Real Estate Address, but it is literally the least expensive real estate you will ever own.  Your Website Domain Address is like a physical address on a street, and your sub-domains are like apartments or suites at that address.

When you own a Web Domain Address that generates income, it's like owning a store, and when you use your 90 Sub-Domains to point to other income generating websites, it's like owning a Mall.

If you're wondering why we suggest using your cell phone number as the web address for your income generating website, it's because a lot of people already know your cell number so you don't have to come up with a clever website address that people will remember. Just tell them to add a "dot com" to the end of your cell number and they'll reach the right website.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.  (Well actually, its more like 123-456-7890, but you know what I meant.)

I've also set up my cell phone number as a domain without the dashes between the numbers to play it safe since you never know how someone will type in your number on the computer address line.  I've also set up my toll-free number the same way since my toll-free number has advertising messages so it's like setting up my promtions on auto-pilot.

The site we use to register your cell phone number as your webmall address is my GoDaddy reseller business called Web5W.com (aka: GoDaddy.904-525-7500.com) Just follow the prompts to register your private domain, and then either follow the prompts to forward that domain address to your private webmall address or call our 24/7 support for help at 480-505-8877.  

Even tho I'm a reseller for GoDaddy, I sell their domains for less than they sell them so compare and you'll see that I can save you money and you'll still get the same great service and support 24/7.

For around 3 cents a day you can have your phone number set up as a website domain name with a 5-page website and 90 Sub-Domains.  That's just around $10/yr.  Can you imagine this much potential for so little investment?

Here are examples of some of my Sub-Domains I set up for my cell phone money maker.  I'm not showing you these to promote my businesses, but to give you an idea of how you may want to set up your cell phone money maker.  I won't stop you from joining me in my businesses since after years of research, trial and error, I feel they are great home businesses.  But you should follow your heart and find a business that you love and want to promote for personal or financial reward. 


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